A word from our satisfied customers...

"PetRest cardboard coffins are a godsend! They are a great substitute to the yellow body bags that we used to use to return pets, to their owners, once deceased."
Juliet Payne, Head Veterinary Nurse, Spring & Nash Veterinary Hospital, Thame, Oxfordshire.

"Our clients really appreciate being able to transport their dearly loved pet home for burial in a convenient and respectful manner. We feel that this is an important service that we provide."
Emma Neal, Head Veterinary Nurse, Shepton Veterinary Group, Somerset.

"PetRest coffins not only provide our clients with options for a dignified burial, but they also help us show our care and respect for our patients even in death."
L Johnstone, Qualified Veterinary Nurse, Robson Veterinary Hospital, Laurencekirk, Scotland.

"I have been using PetRest coffins for many years. They are the ideal answer to the problem of dealing with a deceased pet with respect and dignity."
Jim Woodger, Partner, Oakwood Veterinary Group, Harleston, Norfolk.

"Before using Petrest coffins, sending a euthansed animal home for burial was a nightmare - wrapped in old sheets, towels, plastic bags – everyone dreaded handing over someone's beloved pet in this state. Carrying out a neat box is much more professional."
Lorna Hill, Practice Manager, The Barn Veterinary Practice Ltd., Wenham Road, Copdock, Ipswich, Suffolk.

"The coffins are easy to carry, being lightweight but sturdy. The use of them is respectful both to the client and the animal, providing a personal touch at a time of sadness and distress."
Hilary Newby Grant, Practice Manager, Westover Veterinary Centre, North Walsham, Norfolk.

Create a lasting bond between pet owner and your Practice.

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Pet Rest Products Animal Cardboard Coffin

PetRest Products tick all the boxes!

  • Use as part of a euthanasia package
  • Enhances your professional image
  • Reflects a caring approach to clients
  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Cost effective and easy to store
  • Proven success over many years
  • No more plastic bags or blankets