It shouldn’t happen to a dog..., hamster, rabbit, parrot – or your client!

At a time of distress for your client, the pet owner, the last thing they need is their beloved animal being delivered to them in a plastic bag or wrapped in a blanket with the possibility of head or legs appearing from the parcel! Now there’s a professional alternative. Used as part of your euthanasia package, at little extra cost, the PetRest cardboard coffin is the only sensitive way of transporting the pet for home burial or cremation.

The coffins are made from strong, yet light, bio-degradable cardboard, which comes flat-packed and is ideal for home burials. In use at Universities and many leading Veterinary Practices around the United Kingdom and Ireland, we have many satisfied customers. PetRest burial boxes are the professional tool for all veterinary practices who want to show a sensitive, sympathetic and understanding approach.

Create a lasting bond between pet owner and your Practice.

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Pet Rest Products Animal Cardboard Coffin