With our own veterinary practice, we saw the need.

PetRest Products has been supplying veterinary surgeries with cardboard coffins since 1989. We originally designed them for our own use following the opening of our veterinary practice in 1986 when it quickly became apparent there was a need for a more dignified carrier that would minimize the distress experienced by pet owners collecting their animals from our surgery following a euthanasia procedure.

We decided a ‘no fuss' approach was appropriate and came up with a clean, simple design in three basic sizes. The response from our clients was very positive from the outset and they confirmed that our efforts were much appreciated. So we developed four more sizes and later introduced waterproof liners which are now also routinely used.

As word spread, our neighbouring practices became interested and we set up PetRest Products to supply to others.

We have successfully exhibited at the BSAVA congress in Birmingham and as a result now supply to practices, crematoriums and veterinary universities throughout the UK, Channel Islands and Northern Ireland.

Create a lasting bond between pet owner and your Practice.

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Pet Rest Products Animal Cardboard Coffin

PetRest Products tick all the boxes!

  • Use as part of a euthanasia package
  • Enhances your professional image
  • Reflects a caring approach to clients
  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Cost effective and easy to store
  • Proven success over many years
  • No more plastic bags or blankets